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  1. Cytokeratin, Pan; Clones AE1 & AE3 Ready-To-Use


    Species: Mouse
    Immunogen: Human epidermal keratin
    Clone: AE-1 & AE-3
    Isotype: IgG1, kappa (AE-1); IgG1, kappa (AE-3)
    Species Reactivity: Human, Monkey, Cow, Dog, Rabbit, Mouse, Rat, Chicken. Others not known.
    Positive Control: Skin, Adeno- or Squamous carcinomas.
    Specificity: This antibody cocktail recognizes acidic (Type I or LMW) and basic (Type II or HMW) cytokeratins, which include 67kDa (CK1); 64kDa (CK3); 59kDa (CK4); 58kDa (CK5); 56kDa (CK6); 52kDa (CK8); 56.5kDa (CK10); 50kDa (CK14); 50kDa (CK15); 48kDa (CK16); 40kDa (CK19). This antibody stains cytokeratins present in normal and abnormal human tissues and has shown high sensitivity in the recognition of epithelial cells and carcinomas.

  2. PolyTek, Anti-Mouse Polymerized HRP

    PolyTek, Anti-Mouse Polymerized HRP has been developed to provide the cleanest, most consistent staining available. The system is based on a polymerized peroxidase label that eliminates biotin from the equation, thereby eliminating a major cause of background staining. In addition, this product reduces the steps required for immunohistochemical staining by combining two steps from the traditional Biotin-Streptavidin system.

  3. Cytokeratin 10 Suprabasal Epithelial Marker); Clone DE-K10 (Concentrate

    Species: Mouse
    Immunogen: Cytoskeletal preparation extracted from human ectocervical epithelium.
    Clone: DE-K10
    Isotype: IgG1, kappa
    Species Reactivity: Human, Dog and Cat. Others not known.
    Positive Control: Esophagus or Tonsil. A431, HeLa, MCF7 cells.
    Specificity: This antibody recognizes a protein of 56.5kDa identified as Cytokeratin 10.
    Status: RUO

  4. SOX10 (Melanoma Marker); Clone SOX10/991 Concentrate

    Species: Mouse
    Immunogen: Recombinant human SOX10 protein fragment (aa115-269) (exact sequence is proprietary).
    Clone: SOX10/991
    Isotype: Mouse / IgG2b, kappa
    Species Reactivity: Reacts with human and mouse. Others not known.
    Positive Control: HepG2 cells. Melanomas, breast carcinomas, gliomas.
    Specificity: Recognizes a protein of ~55kDa, identified as SOX10. This monoclonal antibody is highly specific and does not cross-react with other members of the SOX-family.
    Status: RUO